Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi Solutions

Not all Wi-Fi solutions are created equal. Some are good, a few are great, most are "okay" at the best of times.

We do not offer a "free" or "included" Wi-Fi solution....this is why:

  • It is plain and simple, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution to Wi-Fi

  • We take into consideration the cost and what our client actually needs

  • Very often a wireless solution is not even needed or wanted; for stability, security and structure a wired network can be the best fit for our client

  • Everyone has a different living situation, an apartment offers different coverage challenges then a house. A manufactured home offers a very different challenge then a town home. But we can cover it all.

  • Everyone has different needs from their network

  • Sure there are a lot of people streaming movies and TV these days, but some only need to check email, social media and surf the web. You don't need an advanced Wi-Fi solution for that.

  • Some clients are comfortable enough with technology to build their own super awesome network and only need us to provide them with equally super awesome internet to power it up!

  • If you need Wi-Fi in one room, in all the rooms or over the entire property we have a cost effective solution that will fit your needs.

Whatever your unique needs are we have the solution for you. We can fix services that have been troubling you for a long time, we can expand your network to meet your ever changing needs, we can even get your car to stop making that noise....ok...maybe not that last one, but we do know a guy!



Features of the DEVTEL Premium Wi-Fi Solution:

  • Some of the fastest wireless speeds available

  • latest wireless standards/wifi 6

  • Tri-Band 2.4 GHZ / 5 GHZ / 5 GHZ-2

  • Beam Forming 

  • Smart Network Management


  • Best range and coverage available in a single consumer unit

  • perfect for IOT and smart home devices

  • easily extend your wifi reach by adding a MESH point for $10/month (up to 5 MESH points can be added to cover every corner of your home)

*Wi-Fi routers will vary according to availability and model changes


Features of the DevTEL Standard Wi-Fi Solution:

  • solution that fits the needs of most people

  • Faster wireless speeds then our basic solution

  • wifi 6

  • more range

  • Suitable for some two story structures

  • dual band 2.4 GHZ / 5 GHZ 

  • latest wireless standard

  • able to stream on more devices

  • online gaming

  • easily extend your wifi to reach every corner of your home with out compromising speed, add a MESH point for just $10/month

*Wi-Fi routers will vary according to availability and model changes
*Standard Wi-Fi router can be purchased for a one time fee of $200

Basic Wi-fi Rental

Features of the DevTEL Basic Wi-Fi Solution:

  • our most affordable wi-fi solution

  • perfect coverage for smaller spaces like apartments or small homes

  • enough speed to handle a few devices 

  • limited streaming or online gaming is possible

  • easily extend your wifi by adding a MESH point for just $3/month

*Wi-Fi routers will vary according to availability and model changes
*Basic Wi-Fi router can be purchased for a one time fee of $75


DevTEL Communications is a Solutions based Company. We are not restricted to a limited product offering. This is why we offer custom Wi-Fi solutions that fit almost any scenario. 

  • Multiple Access Points

  • MESH Networks

  • Line of site data transfer / network

  • Wired and Wireless Access Points

  • Commercial Grade Products are available

  • Small Wi-Fi Extensions to Multiple Building Access Points on one network.

Due to the nature of the work, all custom orders will require an on site consultation and a quote for installation and any ongoing maintenance.

Wi-Fi Options

Rental Vs. Purchase Vs. DIY...GO!

We like options. Options are good. You have the option to rent, buy or build your own network and Wi-Fi Solution. But if you are not Geeky like us, then we are here to help. So should you rent or buy a Wi-Fi router from us, or DIY your Wi-Fi? Here are the differences.


  • Low monthly fee

  • DEVTEL owns the router

  • Warranty never expires

  • If it breaks we replace it, with a new one or an upgraded unit free of charge

  • If you are having problems with the router, Trouble calls are always included

  • We install and set up the router


  • One time fee

  • Client owns the router

  • If router breaks, it is up to the client to replace

  • If warranty work is required, we will assist with warranty issues if equipment is still under warranty period 

  • Installation and set up is included with purchase


  • A ton of research, time is very valuable!

  • A whole bunch of time "figuring it out" means more time gone!

  • Hours on YouTube learning how to build the right connectors 

  • Now you have the wrong crimper and need to order that

  • Call us to help, we can, we will, but that is not included.